Jul 1, 2017

'Ellen Kooi Above Rotterdam'

Role: Editor
Photography: Ellen Kooi, Haarlem
Publisher: Actar, New York
Design: Mainstudio, Amsterdam
Pages: 180
Size: 23 x 27.8 cm
ISBN: 978-1-945-15022-7

Colliding modern architecture, theatrically informed photography, and surreal poetry and prose; this carefully-crafted collaboration between artist Ellen Kooi, architect Wiel Arets, and artist Katrien Van den Brande documents five sets of highly-staged visual ‘scenarios’, and nine textual ‘situations’, of numerous imaginary guests, who simultaneously inhabit the B’ Tower–a high-rise in the center of Rotterdam. Each scenario was dreamt up, created, and captured on camera by Kooi; each of Van den Brande’s situations were written while staying at the tower, in the guise of the many other, ‘unseen’, temporary tower guests.